Books by Jack Parsons


Jack Parsons has devoted a lifetime to producing beautiful, best-selling books. These include Rizzoli's groundbreaking "Santa Fe Style", which gave birth to an entire genre of style publications based around different locations. His latest book, "Dark Beauty" (Hudson Hills Press) features over one hundred rarely published photographs of New Mexico. In a career spanning thirty-five years, these photos are revelations.

All Parsons' books specialize in capturing different aspects of the American visual heritage. They include credits such as "Santa Fe Houses" (Clarkson Potter/Random House), "Native America" (Clarkson Potter), "Santa Fe and Northern New Mexico" (Rizzoli), "True West" (Clarkson Potter), "Lone Star Living" (Bulfinch Press) and "Heaven's Window" (Graphic Arts Publishing).

This artist's unparalleleded eye has also produced a range of projects for the Museum of New Mexico Press, including "El Rancho de las Goldondrinas", "Straight from the Heart, Portraits of Traditional Hispanic Musicians", "Spanish New Mexico", "The Chile Chronicles: Tales of a New Mexico Harvest", "New Mexico Artists at Work" and the groundbreaking "Low ’n Slow, Lowriding in New Mexico".

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