Digital Galleries



Everyday objects transformed, revealing unexpected depths, textures and mystery

Burma, the Union of Myanmar

The spectacular and the intimate, coexisting for over 2,500 years


Vibrant colors and varied shapes around the world yield strong graphic imagery


Unique glimpses of public spaces and private visions in famous locations


A country's light, landscape and lived traditions seen in both communal and individual settings


The dynamism and syncretism of this huge country creates a special visual poetry

Laos & Thailand

Stunning shots of wats (temples) and glimpses into the intimate side of religious life


Environmental portraits of customized cars, in the New Mexican homes of their creators


Individual glimpses of singular beauty, captured in a timeless and legendary spot


Singular moments from a nation of many peoples and mighty, historic scenery

Paris Train Stations

Elegant expressions of the romance of travel and its encounters with industrial progress

Santa Fe & New Mexico

Reinterpretations of singular landscapes within a complex legacy of cultures


Life in the shadow of Ottoman splendors and breathtaking terrain


Evocative expositions of a classic car's characteristic details presented as found art

The West

Intimate details as well as epic vistas become transformed into almost-abstract art


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