Low'n Slow

Lowriding in New Mexico (Museum of New Mexico Press)


This incredibly popular volume constitutes a poem to the lowriding traditions of New Mexico, with lovingly created "environmental portraits" of individual cars in their homes. The fascinating text is by New Mexican historian and journalist Carmella Padilla and includes a bilingual poem by poet and novelist Juan Estevan Arellano.

Of course, New Mexican lowriders have counterparts in rival go-lo centers such as East L.A. However, anyone has to agree that classic lowriders such as these make a powerful cultural statement – the statement of a proud individuality separate to that marketed by "all-American" factory-made cars. Just like the finest lowrider, this book bursts with beautiful details as well as telling anecdotes.

"Low ‘n Slow" takes us into the confidence of the many different voices and visions that fill the state’s lowrider landscape. to explore what these creative extremes of metal, glass, and chrome say about Hispanic culture across New Mexico.

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