New Mexico Artists at Work

(Museum of New Mexico Press)


New Mexico has seduced artists for more than three hundred years, from the Taos art colony of 1898 to the sprawling estate of the legendary Georgia O’Keefe.

Today, numerous artists continue to enrich the state, working in the most avant-garde as well as traditional media. This unique volume takes you into their studios, introducing you to famous contemporary painters, sculptors, printmakers, video and conceptual artists as well as celebrated makers of ceramics, sculptures and textiles. Its text is by Dana Newmann, another New Mexican artist as well as a writer.

Many grace the art capitals of Taos and Santa Fe. But others have been captured in remote locales throughout New Mexico. Among the fifty-two artists included here are Agnes Martin, Luis Jiménez, Susan Rothenberg, Iren Schio, Larry Bell, Paul Sarkisian, Forrest Moses, and Bruce Naumann. A one-of-a-kind glimpse into those creative centers where groundbreaking work begins.

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