Santa Fe Style



Since the opening of the Santa Fe Trail in 1821, the town of Santa Fe, New Mexico, has been an amazingly rich source of original American design.

In exploring the inspirations and current forms of its traditions, this book founded an ongoing genre: books that explore a lifestyle informed by a geographical culture and its social history.

Yet no later volume, from "Caribbean Style" to "Loft Style", has managed to better this classic. It offers viewers a comprehensive tour of the area, both natural (the majestic Canyon de Chelly) and creatied (the local innovations of Frank Lloyd Wright). It also traces the evolution of Santa Fe's unique brand of living through contemporary eco-architects.

All the elements of style for which the area is well-known — warm adobe brick, simple hand-carved furnishings, rough-hewn beams, Indian pottery, Navajo rugs, and colorful folk sculpture, are showcased in 450 photographs and illustrations. The fascinating text is by Christine Mather and Sharon Woods.

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