Lone Star Living

Texas Homes and Ranches (Bulfinch Press)


Once considered an oxymoron by the stoic sensibilities of the Northeast, the best of Texas style today fully reflects contemporary America. Rugged individualism, top quality, large living and impeccable taste are values many Texans share with other north Americans.

Texan taste draws upon the state’s exceptional history, a syncretism of Mexican, Spanish, East European, Scottish, French and Native American cultures and styles.

Co-written by the late expert Tyler Beard (author of "The Cowboy Boot Book", "100 Years of Western Wear" and "Art of the Boot"), the book’s vibrant photographs by Parsons transport the reader from traditional ranches in the majestic countryside to cozy lofts in dynamic cities - as well as the grand mansions of the beautiful, world-famous Hill Country.

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